FABRICE. Hidden behind this name, two women, Jacky Riss and her daughter Alexandra. For 50 years, in Paris, in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés, Jacky, renowned jewellery designer, acclaimed by the press and loyal clients, adorns women with her exclusive styles. She is the first to lead the jewellery world towards luxury fantasy with natural materials: wood, metal, red and yellow copper, bronze, leather, mother of pearl, shells, shark skin… She has worked for the “haute couture” notably with, Karl Lagerfeld, Nina Ricci, Montana, Issé Myake, Anne Marie Beretta, Dorothée Bis, Cerruti … Jacky enjoys mixing and contrasting fine elements with the more coarse, often inspired by the animal world and vegetation, her pieces vary in style from classic or graphic to the whimsical, witness to the extraordinary liberty with which she invents shape and material associations. As Jacky likes to underline, all her styles are exclusively hand made by French craftsmen. The Fabrice jewellery is directly associated with the fashion tendencies and each season finds an inspiration, a destination for all who love creative accessories.